Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Okay, so this week is pretty pathetic.  I worked 3 nights on, one night off, 3 nights on.  Needless to say I wore ALOT of scrubs, and you don't want to be bored with pictures of those!  I did however go out on my one night off, so there's at least one cute outfit.  Promise next week will be better!!

Here's what my WORK nights look like....

Scrub Top: Cherokee
Undershirt: Target
Bottoms:  Cherokee
Shoes:  Dansko

My Night Off

(sorry the pics are so dark, no sunshine at 6:00pm!)

Top:  TJ Maxx
Jeggings:  Levi's via Kohl's
Boots:  Kohl's

So there is the excitement of my wardrobe for the week!  I'm linking with The Pleated Poppy, so go check out everyone else's cuteness :)

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the pleated poppy blog


  1. I love your night off outfit. Chic, yet it looks comfortable too!

  2. When I first started doing daycare in my home several years ago I wore scrubs because they were SO comfortable! It was hard getting out of those into other "more stylish" outfits.

  3. I love that shirt! I need to add something like that to my wardrobe!


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