Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another First

Today Laney got her first haircut. She's 2, Jax had his at 1...we were a little late with her! We will blame it on the "second child syndrome." LOL She was a little gun shy at first, but after watching her big brother get his cut she seemed ready. Well, until it was actually her turn! Luckily we had a VERY patient hair stylist! (Thank you for that Rachel!) Finally after rotating chairs and some bribery the cutting began. It was actually more like a trim. You can't even tell she got it cut! It's hidden in all those curls that she has! She did excellent once we got going. Sat up there like a "big girl". Here are a few pictures of this "first"......

The sucker was the "bribery"

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  1. She is so adorable! I wonder why kids are so scared of getting their hair cut? Just b/c it's something new?


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