Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's A Slippery Slope

The kids have been soaking up the sun all week. Playing in the pool has been an every day occurence at our house. Denny decided to add a "slide" today for some extra fun. Needless to say they all LOVED it!!



The kids thought it was the greatest thing ever, so I'm pretty sure that's were the playhouse will stay all summer!  Oh well as long as they are having fun :) 

We are headed to the lake this weekend for some R & R.  Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day, and soaks up every minute of the gorgeous weather we are suppose to have!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Don't Think We're In Kansas Anymore!

My life always seems to be an adventure!  Just when I think it's calming down and becoming "normal" another crazy thing happens!

This weekend we left for the lake Friday night.  I knew it was suppose to storm.  It's stormed here everyday for TWO weeks.  Well this wasn't any storm apparently.  My mom called me saying that the news said tornado warnings just northwest of us.  No big deal, that's not us.  Well a few minutes later she calls back to tell me the tornado warning is now right over top of us.  Let me be clear here...we are sitting in a park model camper that would blow away in all of two seconds!  Denny decides to go to the porch to check out the sky, and as soon as he opens the door we here the sirens.  You know those sirens you never want to hear!!  The ones that say there may, or may not be a tornado coming so take cover!  Well Denny yells "get your shoes on." And what do you think my four year old does?  He FREAKS!  He starts crying wants to know why those sirens are so loud, where are we going....all these questions in between sobs.  (thanks for that Denny!  Please remember to stay calm next time!)  So we load the kids into the car and drive up to the day lodge.   Once we got there the kids were fine.  Jax played basketball (it's like a game room) and Laney stared at two little girls for 30 minutes! HA!  The funny thing is while these sirens are blaring outside, and the rain is POURING, people are actually out riding around on their golf carts!  Really?  What were they thinking?!?!  I'm not sure if they thought they could "out run" the tornado if it came, or if they were just too drunk to realize what was going on. 

All and all the weekend turned out really good.  It was nice to just go down and relax.  I'm excited for next weekend.  They have yard sales for the holiday weekend, so I'm lugging all my crap stuff down.  Hopefully I will make some money, and find some steals!  Plus the pool opens up, so I hope to spend some time there too!

Hope everyone has a great week, and enjoys the long awaited sunshine :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

This One's For the One I Love

     You are the one that holds my heart.  Always have.  Always will.
                   Happy Anniversary.............I love you

picture courtesy of Esnell Photography


Another Year Passes.....

Thursday was Jax's closing program at preschool.  It's hard to believe he's completed another year!  He only has ONE more year before he starts kindergarten.  ONE!!!!  I just want to cry thinking about it.  We started him in school when he was 2 1/2 because he needed the interaction with kids his age.  It's one thing to sit and play with mommy all day, and quite another to be in a room filled with other 2 year olds!  He improved so much that first year it was amazing!  He went from not standing on the stage for their first program (Grandparent's Day) to smiling and waving at their closing program!  I did almost cried last year at the closing program because of his growth.  It did wonders for his dependency on me.  He would always shy away from the group of kids playing...well after 2 years of preschool it's a totally different story!  He did great this year at all their programs.  Stood up there like a little man and performed the songs!  It makes a momma proud :)  Here are a few pictures of Thursday's program.....

That's my baby last on the right.  He looks so little standing next to the older kids!

"He's got the whole world in his hands"

These are his teachers.  Ms Beth (left) and Ms. Nelly (right)

This is his teacher from last year, Ms. Tammy.  As you can see he didn't want his picture taken with her.  When I asked him why not he said "because she teaches the baby class, and I'm not a baby!" HA!

Our "attempt" at a family photo.  Laney didn't want her picture taken, as you can see!  She's such a stinker!!  Oh, and I swear I brush her hair!  It's just ALL those curls make it look crazy constantly!!

This is a picture my mom took.  I don't know why, but I love it!  Maybe because it's just me and my girl.....people watching....what we do best :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Noisy Pillows!

Last night Denny and I were in the bathroom getting ready for bed, and in comes Jax.  He says he's scared and wants someone to sleep with him.  I take him back to bed and tell him there is nothing to be scared of.  You see this is just one of his tatics for dragging out his bed time.  I know when he is truly scared, and when he smiles behinds his hands and says he's scared....well that's a big faker!!   When I lay him down he spins around to where his head is at the foot of the bed.  I said "turn back around and lay right."  Well that was the craziest thing he had ever heard.  He immediately says he can't sleep that way.  I had to ask why since I knew it would be an entertaining answer.  His reply "because my pillow is to noisy when I sleep."  Well that's a new one!  I've never heard of a noisy pillow, but apparently he has one.  When I checked on him again later (to make sure he was actually sleeping!) this is what I found.....

Thought I better show you how to sleep if you have a "noisy pillow."  I mean maybe you do and don't even realize it!  Maybe I will try this tonight, who knows I may sleep better without my "noisy pillow"!! 

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Two Words

Today is Mother's Day, and to my Mom all I have to say is Thank You!  Thank you for being my mom.  I couldn't have asked for a better one, or a better Granny for my kids.  You mean everything to us.  I love you more than you will ever know.  XOXOXO

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Where Have I Been You Ask....BUSY That's Where!

So sorry I haven't blogged much lately.  I've been crazy busy doing many different things like............
Changing this ugly yard sale find (50 cents, thank you very much!).......
To this cuteness....Spray paint does wonders!

I've also been working on this craft.....

You can click here for a tutorial.  Mine are slightly different, but you can at least see where the idea came from!
I've also been helping my Mom redo her kitchen.  This has turned into quite the project. 

This project started with my parents getting all new appliances.  And might I add they have NEVER bought a new appliance.  They have always purchased used ones.  So anyway, new appliances means new paint, and new paint means new painted cabinets, and new cabinets means new countertops, new countertops means ripping down a drop ceiling, ripping down a drop ceiling means new lighting fixtures.  Do you see where I am going with this?  This small project has turned into a large one!!  But we are having some fun along the way.  It's always entertaining when us Green's get together to do a project!  Oh and that handsome man in the last picture is my fabulous Dad!  He celebrated his 64th birthday yesterday...doesn't look it at all does he?!?!  Maybe I'm a bit biased though ;)
I've also been buying all this crap stuff for our new lake house...

I meant to take pictures of our place last night when we were there, but of course I forgot!  Oops!  I will post some as soon as I can.  It a nice place, and we got a heck of a deal.  We are all so excited to start spending our summers there!  It needs some interior work, mostly design change.  Lets just say the previous owners taste is a LOT different than ours!!  But now worries we will make it our "home away from home" in no time! (hopefully this weekend!)
So between all of this, and working, and babysitting we've been trying to have some of these...

Because isn't that what summer is really all about...enjoying the sunshine!!  Oh and that fabulous Dad I mentioned early built this for his fabulous grandkids!  Isn't it so cute :)
Well that is where I've been hiding lately.  Hopefully things will get back to normal soon, whatever "normal" is! HA!