Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekly Happenings...

A few pics from our week...

Riding horses at Granny and Pawpaw's

She'd rather ride in rain boots than cowboy boots! ha!

Lake time with friends

Best Friends :)

Cutie Patootie :)

More Cuteness!

Mostly we enjoyed beautiful days and's to this week and our shenanigans!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lions and Tigers

Today I took the kids to see "Amazon John."  It was a free show put on by the local library.  All you needed to get in was some canned goods...easy enough!  The kids were excited when I told them they would see some different animals, however they were disappointed that it wasn't the zoo.  I guess they expected tigers to be brought into the elementary gym!  ha! 

Waiting for the show to start!

"Amazon John" and "Bear"  The dog was actually quite entertaining.  He could do several tricks, and was called Bear because when Amazon John pointed to him he was trained to show his teeth and snarl!  The kids thought it was hilarious! (ok maybe I did too!)

Some critter that looks sort of like a monkey, but it's not.  He said its an animal that's on Diego all the time...I will have to watch the cartoon to remember its name!

The kids were in awe most of the time...I need something like this everyday!

At the end of the show you could pet any of the animals you wanted, well all except the monkey thing.  There was a snake, bullfrog, rabbits, grasshoppers and a turtle.

Petting the "bear"

I don't think I saw anyone pet these!

Bubba the bullfrog...he was HUGE!!

He wouldn't touch the turtle!

Neither would she!

All and all it was a great few hours with friends, and critters!  Plus I got to use my NEW camera....

This isn't my exact one, but close.  I got a Canon T3 with 2 lenses.  I'm SUPER excited!!!  Unfortunately today I had to use the dreaded "auto" mode because I haven't been able to practice with it much.  BUT have no fear I will be the annoying camera lady soon enough! ha!

On another note I'm looking for some good blogs to add to my reading addiction.  So if you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments!  Thanks :)  And thanks for reading :):)

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Little of Everything

This will be a random collage of okay with that..okay here we go...

We've been "ballers" for the past couple months.  Jax has fell in LOVE with baseball!  He wants to to play everyday out in the yard, even when it's a sweltering 100*!  Mama doesn't like that part of it!  He knows the names of several teams, so he tells us who we play for and if we win or lose!  Surprisingly his team ALWAYS wins! ha!  Here are a few pictures of the last will see at the end his favorite part of the whole season!

(he always slid into home because "that's what they do on tv!")

Seriously could his smile be any BIGGER!  Love it!!

We've also been swimming a ton!  The weather is cooling back down this week, but I figure the kids won't care...they will still be begging for sunscreen and bathing suits.

My Laney Lou Lou :)

Titan's face cracks me up in this!

Gotta love her little piggies!

We've also been going to the lake every weekend now.  I need to start remembering to take more pictures out on the lake.  We have such a great time with all our friends down there.  Makes me so happy all the memories we create on the lake :)  I know our kids will forever have stories to tell about their childhood on the water!

My goal for the summer is to get Laney (my stubborn child) to learn her ABC's.  Luckily she is FINALLY letting me teach her!  We are chugging along, she's up to J, and has mastered the sounds too.  I'm proud of her.  It was touch and go at first because she wants things her way, or NO WAY!  Glad she is starting to figure out I do actually know what I'm talking about!  At least for today she realizes it, tomorrow may be another story! ha!

We haven't been terribly busy, but it still seems like we run in circles some days.  I've told myself it's summer, if my house is dirty so be if I can just get my OCD to agree with me!  Till next time kids.....


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hello? Are You There? any one there.....can anyone hear me....followers....are you still with me????

I hope so!  I've been a BAD blogger lately, but that's changing!  I will be back at posting weekly, maybe even more than that, if I feel crazy :)  Things have been busy here lately.  I'm not really sure why, but it seems like we are chasing our tails!  So next week I'll be back in the game people!!  Don't give up on me I'm still here chugging along!