Friday, April 16, 2010

Hello, My Name is Carri, and I Have an Addiction

I am here to admit that I'm addicted to blogs.  I can't help it!  When I find a new one, I will go back to their first post and read to the present.  Is that normal?  Please tell me you do this too?  If you don't just lie and say you do to make me feel better!

This addiction has also caused my "notes" and "lists" to grow.  I've always been a note maker (blame that on my OCD and forgetfulness!).  But now, now my notes are long and detailed!  They say what items are needed for the project, what blog it's on, and the date they posted (because it can take a LOT of frustrating hours looking for a post).  My poor little notebook is getting it's wear and tear these days! 

All these blogs also make me feel like I need to complete a "project" every day, or a least one a week.  That's crazy, right?  I know others have these same addictions, so please admit it.  Make me feel a little less crazy!

On another, yet similar note.  I found a new blog today.  Julie had commented on one of my previous posts, so I HAD to check her out.  (there is that pesky addiction thing again)  Well she now has another follower, and she also added 5 "projects" to my list!  Thanks for that Julie! Ha!  Seriously check her out she has some great ideas!


  1. I'm a full fledged blog stalker:)
    There are a few I go to DAILY!!!!
    Momtog being one of them now:)
    Are their anymore that you LOVE LOVE?
    Do you want anymore to stalk?? I could share
    a few of my fav's. And you are way better then
    me girl. I'm so busy stalking, I have no time
    to keep my own up!

    Tara Smith:)
    BTW...your pics were AMAZING!! She
    caught some beautiful smiles, and the
    personality of your fam. Loved them!

  2. Thanks Tara. I thought Erica did awesome too! Now to decide which to get! The most recent blogs I've started following have been craft blogs....I must warn you though once you start these you CAN'T stop!!! Check out Lemon Tree Creations, I am Momma-Hear Me Roar, and my most recent, Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss. And YES send me some of your favorites! I'm always willing to "stalk" some more! LOL

    P.S. Are you a follower? If not jump on the wagon girl!!!

  3. Carri- I always check out your blogs that you're following. It's so much easier than taking the time to find others.. I become easily distracted and then become impatient... ha. So, thanks for having your addiction, because it might make mine a bit easier! :)

  4. I'm SO addicted too!!! In fact I've even given up facebook to be a blog chaser!!! Too funny... and about the "projects", I just now posted a blog about needing new projects, check it out. LOL

    Oh, and yes, when I find a blog that's really interesting, I too go back to their start and catch up on everything! Haha!

  5. Guilty as charged. I do the same thing. And, when I discover a blog I like, I go back and spend 5 hours catching up on them...

    I finally got tired of having to write out web addresses... so, when I see something I like on a blog now, I keep a Word document on my desktop and copy and paste the web address and put a few word description of what it is. My list is pages long.... I have July off so maybe I'll tackle a lot of them then! (As long as I can get Dustin to paint for me when I need it!).

  6. Hi My name is Erica and I am a Blog addict also. This is the first step right? haha I do all the same things and keep a notebook, told you we were so much alike!!

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  8. You think you are addicted....these are just a few I go on EVERYDAY!! LOL. These are the more crafty ones, but I go on at least 20 other photographers!! Yes, I need rehab! I can't wait to check out your favs:)


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