Monday, April 26, 2010

Where Does Your Trash Go?

My kids love Noggin.  It's a cartoon channel...yes I know I let them watch TV, how horrible am I?!?!  Well I don't think I'm too horrible considering they ACTUALLY learn from it, and here is proof.

This month on Noggin they have been talking about recycling because of Earth Day.  I never really thought Jax was paying attention (ha yeah right, that kid is ALWAYS paying attention, even when I prefer he not!).  He proceeds to ask me today where our trash goes.  I told him they pick it up and take it to the dump.  He says "then you are filling up the land fill."  Really?  You are four, do you even know what that is?!?!  Well apparently he does because he explained it to me.  "All your trash is going to fill it up then it won't have anywhere to go, so it does bad things to the Earth."  Correct you are my little Noggin watcher!  He then tells me that we need to recycle to save our Earth.  I asked if he knew what that meant, to recycle.  Stupid question on my part! "Yep, you keep your plastic and stuff.  Then you take it to some helper people."  Once again, he was paying attention!  He also proceeded to to describe the "recycle symbol".  He says "when something has that triangle arrow on it you can take it to the helper people.  They take it somewhere were it doesn't hurt the Earth".  Correct again!  I'm glad he is learning this.  I would have never thought to teach him to much about Earth Day.  So today was a day that I learned from my four year old.  A day that he taught me to "pay a little more attention."  Maybe we will get some bins and recycle the stuff with "triangle arrows".  Every little bit counts!  And I would hate to think that one day my grandchildren will not have this beautiful world that we have.  So from Jax's mouth to my blog "save your triangle arrows"!!


  1. Aww little Jax is so smart, that is so cute what all he was saying. I saw on a tv show where you paint rubbermaid boxes on the front with chalkboard paint and then you write on them with chalk what you are recycling. It was really cute for the kids to do.

  2. Very Cute Carri! Abby was giving me grief all week too about recycling and then turning off lights on me and not wanting to throw things away. She loves watching PBS and then So no I don't think you are terrible! =)

  3. Thumbs up to Jaxon! Way to go!

  4. That was on John and Kate Plus 8 (the recycling bins painted with the chalk). We use the fabric bins and Caleb knows to put the paper and cardboard into them. They learn quick!


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