Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another Year Passes.....

Thursday was Jax's closing program at preschool.  It's hard to believe he's completed another year!  He only has ONE more year before he starts kindergarten.  ONE!!!!  I just want to cry thinking about it.  We started him in school when he was 2 1/2 because he needed the interaction with kids his age.  It's one thing to sit and play with mommy all day, and quite another to be in a room filled with other 2 year olds!  He improved so much that first year it was amazing!  He went from not standing on the stage for their first program (Grandparent's Day) to smiling and waving at their closing program!  I did almost cried last year at the closing program because of his growth.  It did wonders for his dependency on me.  He would always shy away from the group of kids playing...well after 2 years of preschool it's a totally different story!  He did great this year at all their programs.  Stood up there like a little man and performed the songs!  It makes a momma proud :)  Here are a few pictures of Thursday's program.....

That's my baby last on the right.  He looks so little standing next to the older kids!

"He's got the whole world in his hands"

These are his teachers.  Ms Beth (left) and Ms. Nelly (right)

This is his teacher from last year, Ms. Tammy.  As you can see he didn't want his picture taken with her.  When I asked him why not he said "because she teaches the baby class, and I'm not a baby!" HA!

Our "attempt" at a family photo.  Laney didn't want her picture taken, as you can see!  She's such a stinker!!  Oh, and I swear I brush her hair!  It's just ALL those curls make it look crazy constantly!!

This is a picture my mom took.  I don't know why, but I love it!  Maybe because it's just me and my girl.....people watching....what we do best :)

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  1. Way to go Jax!! Loving the pics and your headband is totally rad!!! I want one!


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