Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Don't Think We're In Kansas Anymore!

My life always seems to be an adventure!  Just when I think it's calming down and becoming "normal" another crazy thing happens!

This weekend we left for the lake Friday night.  I knew it was suppose to storm.  It's stormed here everyday for TWO weeks.  Well this wasn't any storm apparently.  My mom called me saying that the news said tornado warnings just northwest of us.  No big deal, that's not us.  Well a few minutes later she calls back to tell me the tornado warning is now right over top of us.  Let me be clear here...we are sitting in a park model camper that would blow away in all of two seconds!  Denny decides to go to the porch to check out the sky, and as soon as he opens the door we here the sirens.  You know those sirens you never want to hear!!  The ones that say there may, or may not be a tornado coming so take cover!  Well Denny yells "get your shoes on." And what do you think my four year old does?  He FREAKS!  He starts crying wants to know why those sirens are so loud, where are we going....all these questions in between sobs.  (thanks for that Denny!  Please remember to stay calm next time!)  So we load the kids into the car and drive up to the day lodge.   Once we got there the kids were fine.  Jax played basketball (it's like a game room) and Laney stared at two little girls for 30 minutes! HA!  The funny thing is while these sirens are blaring outside, and the rain is POURING, people are actually out riding around on their golf carts!  Really?  What were they thinking?!?!  I'm not sure if they thought they could "out run" the tornado if it came, or if they were just too drunk to realize what was going on. 

All and all the weekend turned out really good.  It was nice to just go down and relax.  I'm excited for next weekend.  They have yard sales for the holiday weekend, so I'm lugging all my crap stuff down.  Hopefully I will make some money, and find some steals!  Plus the pool opens up, so I hope to spend some time there too!

Hope everyone has a great week, and enjoys the long awaited sunshine :)

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