Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Dreams Come True

I posted here about some shoes that I LOVED at Target.  Well I am SUPER excited to say my mom bought the second pair.  She bought them to wear to a convention she is attending.  I about died when she showed them to me.  She was just casually showing me her outfits she planned to take, and BAM there were the shoes I have been dreaming about!!  The reason I am Super excited is she has agreed to give them to me when she returns!  How freakin' sweet is that!?!?!  They are a little snug, but I will rock them anyway...why because they are so CUTE!!!  I don't care if they pinch my toes a little.  I will suffer just so I can wear these cute and FREE shoes!

p.s. It may seem silly to post about this, but it just shows how excited I am!! HA!


  1. I do the same thing... if a cute pair of shoes is cheap enough.. or free... I will cram my toes in them and be miserable!


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