Thursday, June 10, 2010

One of Them

Liddy wants so bad to be with the "big" kids now that she is crawling.  She follows them from room to room.  Well she trys anyway.  I mean it's hard for her to hold all that weight up for extended periods of time!  Most of the day this is were you find poor Liddy...
She waits patiently outside Jax's door for them to let her in....which they very rarely do.  I've made them at times, but they always come out yelling "she's slobbering on everything, she's tearing up the track."  So I bring her out, close the door.  It breaks her heart, until she looks and realizes Laney's door is open!

Then she is off like a mad women, to find something to slobber on!

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  1. she is sooooo cuute!! they hate to be left out don't they!!!??


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