Sunday, December 5, 2010

31 Days of December

Day 5: A picture of you favorite memory

I don't have a picture of my favorite memory.  Well, I'm sure I do have some, somewhere.  But my most favorite memories are stored in my head.  I have so many that you couldn't possibly take pictures of them all, let alone post them.  So I will list a few:

Going to horse shows when I was little, even though it wasn't my thing I made alot of friendships that way, and wouldn't change it for the world

Dancing with my Dad....just typing that brings tears to my eyes.  That's when I feel my safest, in my Dad's arms

Finding the letter my Mom wrote to me when I moved away to college, it was just what I needed

Elementary, junior high, and high school...oh those were the days

College...from what I remember anyway! HA

Marrying Denny.  It was a day full of screw ups, but saying "I do" was the one thing that went right

Giving birth to 2 of the most beautiful kids ever

And the many more memories I have yet to make :)

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  1. Love all the memories...

    I am with you, my daddy is the best! If all else fails, call daddy.


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