Saturday, December 18, 2010

31 Days of December

Day 16-a picture of someone who inspires you

Instead of a picture I'm just going to write about the person who inspires me.  It is my mom.  She is an amazing person.  She has gone through alot of trials through her life, and has pushed through stronger than ever.  She has helped to make me the woman that I am today.  I inspire to be more like her everyday.

Day 17-a picture of something that has made an impact on you life

My kids.  I know you are sick of seeing their pictures throughout this whole thing! Sorry!  They impact my life everyday.  Everyday they help make me a better mother, or at least I try to be!

Day 18-a picture of your biggest insecurity

This is a tough one for me.  I keep sitting here staring at the computer thinking about it.  I'm sure there are things I'm insecure about, but I feel none are worthy of a post.  I'm like any woman I have my body insecurities and such, but should I have those...NO!  I would have to say one insecurity I would like to change is my voice.  Not the way it sounds, but that sometimes when I voice my opinion I wish I hadn't.  Why do I do that?  My opinion is just as important as the next guys, right?  I always second guess myself after I've said something.  I'm not shy by any means, but sometimes think I shouldn't have said what I said, when I said it.  I'm going to work on that.

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  1. Aww your mommy sounds awesome! I could never get tired of seeing your babies!!!! and the voice thing, thats one of my resoutions!


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