Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm All Grown Up

Last night we had a "girl's night out"!  It was tons of fun.  It's so nice to go out, catch up, trash talk the husbands,  and just have an all around good time.

We started out at a winery.  I've never been a wine drinker.  I've tried different kinds here and there, but they always taste horrible to me.  I'm a beer girl, plain and trashy. ha!  Kelly has told me that there is a wine out there for me I just have to find it.  Well she was right! After tasting several last night I picked my poison....

French Lick Red.  I swear they just bottled up Concord Grape Juice!  Maybe that's why I like it so well.  I felt so grown up purchasing a bottle of wine.  It was like I've evolved to this mature woman!  Of course then we left there, hit up a bar, and guess what I got BEER!  haha  Even after all that I went back to my tried and true friend!

Here's a little snap shot of what it's like for me when I'm trying to take pictures of something other than my kids...

They can't stand it!!  If I take 10 pictures the heathens are usually in at least 8 of them!  I usually end up having to go lock myself in a room to get them out of the picture...sad I know! 

Also, I'm working on my picture taking skills.  I have a nice camera, but I want to upgrade to a fancy schmancy one (Canon Rebel please!).  My friend, and AWESOME photographer, Erica is giving me pointers on the manual settings and such, but I'm asking for any other advice you guys might have.  Please remember though I'm no where near a pro (hence the practice!), so please "dumb it down" for me.  Any advice, or websites would be greatly appreciated!  The camera I have now is a Canon Power Shot S2 1S (if that's something you need to know).

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  1. I am so glad you had some great girl time! You sooo need to get some French Lick Catawba and Winzerwald Blueberry wine, French Lick Red used to be my fave but the other 2 take the cake now. But Im with you also, I am SOOOOO a BEER girl! Keep practicing photography and you will be a hotshot in no time!

  2. Sounds like a fun girls night out!

    As far as camera advice, I would figure out which camera you want to get, and get it! Then read your manual and study up on what each of the settings does. Then from there it just snowballs. has the classes I took called Oh Shoot and Portraiture. Hope that helps!


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