Saturday, April 2, 2011

And So It Begins...

the bleacher butt that is!  Today was Jax's first t-ball practice.  So that means the beginning of bleacher butt galore!  From now until he's out of school I will be sitting in bleachers somewhere, watching some sport.  I'm okay with it though!  As long as he's loving it, so will I!  And after today, he's in LOVE!  He talked about how many times he hit the ball, and how many times he threw the ball, and how fast his cleats made him run.  It made my heart melt, and so do his "fast" little cleats...just look at them, they are so stinkin' cute!!!

The games start in a few weeks, and it should be entertaining to say the least!  I will post "action" shots when the season starts.  I'm just hoping the action shots aren't of him playing in the dirt, or picking weeds!  ha!!  Until then I'm off to watch basketball...I mean Kentucky is in the Final Four BABY!!!  (that was my Dick Vitale impersonation in case you couldn't figure it out! ha)

Enjoy your weekend...or at least whats left of it :)

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  1. Don't You Love Bleacher Butt Carri :) I have both girls playing Soccer starting next week. This will be Caroline's first time... I am scared! I am afraid she will go and get the ball and just walk off the field with it. Have fun with Jax, and yes those cleats are too cute :)


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