Monday, April 11, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect

So I've been learning to use the "manual" setting on my camera.  The reason being is I'm dying to get one of these....

Canon EOS Rebel T3

I've got to save up my pennies to get it, but that's okay.  It gives me time to learn how to set up the settings (does that make sense?).  My photog friend Erica told me to practice, practice, practice.  So I have been!  And I am so dang tired of taking pictures of objects, and MOVING kids.  So I asked a friend if I could take some maternity pictures, just for some real practice.  She was game!  So yesterday afternoon I tested my skills.  I was pleasantly surprised with myself! ha!  Here are just a few of the finished product (and please critique away.  Any advice is greatly appreciated!)....

Okay, so that was more than a few!  But seriously who doesn't love lookin' at a glowing pregnant chick!!


  1. OK so first off! You are already taking pics like a pro! What a cute couple and mommy is just gorgeous!! I am really proud of you :) The black and whites evoke emotion, the vintage pics are timeless and the color pics have pop! It is very hard to take good pics and come up with good ideas and all of these pics show both! Keep it up girlie and I will be coming to you for my family pics :)

  2. Look at you! You are doing fantastic with your pictures. I am loving photo #1 and I LOVE the banner!! Such a great idea!

  3. Great pics Carrie!
    I am saving my pennies for a new camera too.
    Do you have an slr that you shot those with?

  4. Thanks ladies! Erica, I just wish I was at your level! B.M.C. The first picture was my favorite too! I'ma sucker for black and white though! Genn, I have a canon powershot S21S, I wish I had a slr, but hopefully in the near futute my bank account will approve of one! ha!


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