Monday, June 13, 2011

A Little of Everything

This will be a random collage of okay with that..okay here we go...

We've been "ballers" for the past couple months.  Jax has fell in LOVE with baseball!  He wants to to play everyday out in the yard, even when it's a sweltering 100*!  Mama doesn't like that part of it!  He knows the names of several teams, so he tells us who we play for and if we win or lose!  Surprisingly his team ALWAYS wins! ha!  Here are a few pictures of the last will see at the end his favorite part of the whole season!

(he always slid into home because "that's what they do on tv!")

Seriously could his smile be any BIGGER!  Love it!!

We've also been swimming a ton!  The weather is cooling back down this week, but I figure the kids won't care...they will still be begging for sunscreen and bathing suits.

My Laney Lou Lou :)

Titan's face cracks me up in this!

Gotta love her little piggies!

We've also been going to the lake every weekend now.  I need to start remembering to take more pictures out on the lake.  We have such a great time with all our friends down there.  Makes me so happy all the memories we create on the lake :)  I know our kids will forever have stories to tell about their childhood on the water!

My goal for the summer is to get Laney (my stubborn child) to learn her ABC's.  Luckily she is FINALLY letting me teach her!  We are chugging along, she's up to J, and has mastered the sounds too.  I'm proud of her.  It was touch and go at first because she wants things her way, or NO WAY!  Glad she is starting to figure out I do actually know what I'm talking about!  At least for today she realizes it, tomorrow may be another story! ha!

We haven't been terribly busy, but it still seems like we run in circles some days.  I've told myself it's summer, if my house is dirty so be if I can just get my OCD to agree with me!  Till next time kids.....


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