Monday, March 8, 2010

A Hint of Spring

I'm loving this weather today. I, unlike the rest of you, did not get to enjoy the weather this weekend. As the previous post shows I was stuck in the darkness of radiology. Today, today I was determined to enjoy the sunshine, and so were the kids. As soon as Jax woke up he asked if he could play outside. My answer, OF COURSE!!! They need to burn up some of their energy. By this point in the year they are tired of being couped up. Actually I think we all are! So when Liddy took her nap today (Laney gets a late nap today due to sunshine) we all headed outside. That meant me dragging all the outside toys out of storage so the kids had something to play. That part I do not enjoy, but it's worth it!
I will be glad when it warms up enough to hang clothes on the line, mow the grass, wash my car and clean the garage. All these things are chores, but they are chores that mean the sun is shining everyday. I also can't wait to open the windows....smell the fresh cut grass....hear the kids running and laughing in the yard...feel the cool breeze when the sun goes down....I miss these things...ALOT!! But soon enough I will be able to do them all, and I'm hoping it comes sooner than later.

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