Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Every Other

This is where I spend my every other weekend....

I work a 50 hour shift, that's right I said 50, every other weekend. This allows me to be home with my kids through the week. So it's like I'm a stay at home mom, but I still work full time. I also work a couple nights through the week on my weekends off. Denny can be home with the kids whenever I'm working. It's a win win for our family. And I know what you are you sleep? Yes, I have my very own sleep room, and by room I mean a closet! LOL It's not very big, but it has a bed, recliner and TV. It works just fine for what I need when I'm here. The ER just calls and wakes me when I have an xray. I'm here now actually in my comfy recliner. I'm sure you are thinking..should she be blogging at work? Well I figure I get a 30 minute lunch break for every 12 hours I work, so this is one of my lunch breaks!! That way they can't can my crack! LOL I really enjoy my job....most days! I think it's like that anywhere you are. Every job has it's ups and downs. I'm lucky enough to work with some GREAT people!! I couldn't ask for a better crew on my 50 hour shifts! They make it fun to come to work, and you need that when you are here for as long as I am!!! And just in case my week day crews are reading guys are just as great, but I only see you for a measley 12 hours! I will maybe try to take some pictures of the weekenders later to post, but they may not oblige! I think they worry that if I get a bad picture I will use it for blackmail! LOL

Anywhoo....that's about all for now. I will try to post again tomorrow(or maybe tonight), but I make no promises. Sometimes my weekends are chaotic and I don't even get much rest, and others are easy peesy. Here lately it has been nuts due to Paoli Peaks, a local ski resort. Luckily this is their last weekend!!! YAY!! You have no idea how excited we are here at the hospital :)

On another note here's a cute picture of Laney "holding" Liddy from earlier this week. It was too cute not to share.

Laney always says how "heby" Liddy is.

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  1. Well very interesting reading Carri. Sorry I couldn't be there tonight to help liven things up.


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