Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Love Hate Relationship

This is the conversation Denny had with the kids tonight:

Laney: Jax hit me

Jax: My arms couldn't see where they were going

Seriously, where does he come up with this stuff?!? Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Laney deserved to be hit. She can be quite ornery at times. She likes to push his buttons, or anyones for that matter. She will intentionally do things or take things knowing full well it will set him off. She is so stubborn at times too. (I don't where she gets that from ;) ) Earlier today she held her feet over top his cars, why you ask, simply to be a brat! That's right, I admit my kid is a brat. Both of them are at times. I don't remember fighting with my brother that much when I was that age. Maybe we did and I just blocked it from my memory. I was probably so traumatized by it! LOL

My brother and I aren't real close. We went different directions growing up. I was into partying and sports, he was into horses. I wish we had more in common, but the teen years separated us. I can go a month at a time and not even talk to him, and when I do it's through texting. I only talk to him on the phone about once every 6 months. He lives in Texas, so that doesn't help any! I do know though that if I called him tomorrow and said I need you here, he would be here. Even though we aren't best friends, or even close friends, he will forever and always be my brother. I would not trade him for anyone else. I know he would go above and beyond to help me with whatever I needed. And I would do the same in return. I love my brother, and wish he lived closer. It's even harder now. He has a beautiful daughter that I want to see everyday. I wish he just lived "up the road" so our kids could play together. I want them to grow up together. I want them to go to school together, play sports together, go to Granny and PawPaw's together. Maybe someday, you never know. They may move back to Indiana or us to Texas. (I doubt it, but never say never)

I hope one day Jax and Laney will feel this way about each other. Right now though, they have a love hate relationship. Some days they don't fight at all. Those are the days that give me that glimmer of hope. Those days are FAR and FEW between though! So for now I will continue to break up the fights and watch out for the "arms that can't see."

Sorry about the grainy picture. It's downloaded from my phone.


  1. yes, you did fight with your brother!!And just like Laney, you did things just 'because'. But reading this made me cry :( In a good way, I guess. I'm proud that you still love your brother, and that he's close, though so far away. Love you!

  2. Being the youngest of three girls, my sisters never wanted to play with me or even want me around. Know that we are older my two sisters are my best friends and we do spent alot of time together!! One day they will understand what it really means to have a brother or sister!!!

  3. My siblings and I fought (and still fight) like crazy. But it's knowing that they got your back that makes it worth it!!

  4. Reading that made me want to cry too! lol That was sweet what you said about Casey. I think all siblings fight when they are little. I know my brother and I sure did. And we could say whatever we wanted about each other but noone else better say a bad word about the other...haha. I'm sure Jax and Laney will be the same way. They will fight but they'll always look out for each other.


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