Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Cleaning and Yard Sales

I haven't posted for the last few days, unfortunately I've been cleaning. I'm talking the cleaning where you are trashing anything that isn't nailed down! This is what happens when I spring clean. I start out just "cleaning" next thing I know I'm rearranging and purging. The kids aren't even safe! (Especially after the way they have been behaving lately!!) I have gotten about half the house done. I start off real strong, cleaning like a mad woman, then I slow down. It's hard for me to keep motivated. Which is strange since I have a touch of OCD!! I'm hoping to regain my motivation tomorrow and finish at least the upstairs. If anyone wants to come help...head this way!
My favorite part of spring cleaning is getting the kids new "wardrobes" out. I love to shop for their change of season clothes. Now their closets are stocked and ready. If only the sun will come seems to have disappeared!
I also went to my first yard sale of the season! I only purchased two things. One was an old window that I'm going to turn into a chalkboard. I will post pics once I get it done. The second was a play mat for Liddy. I only spent $8, so I figure the first yard sale was a success. I hope to go to more this summer. I just hate getting up early to go! I'm not a morning person, and the idea of getting up at the crack of dawn...uh not so much! I would rather they start around 9! Hopefully I will motivate myself to go and find some deals.
Well, sorry this was a less than entertaining post :( I will hope for something exciting to happen in the BUSY week we have ahead!

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