Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pizza and Friends

Well yesterday wasn't all that interesting. We did get to go out to eat with some friends of ours, Steve and Karen....We ate at Wick's Pizza in New Albany. They have the best pizza known to mankind! Steve says King's Island has a better place, but seriously it's a theme park how good could it be?!?! I think he just likes to argue with me! LOL We had a great time though. We always do with them! It's nice to be able to have "adult" conversation after a day of toddler talk! Usually my days consist of "be quiet and eat, quit hitting your sister, Laney you have to share, stop running in the house, etc, etc." So you can see why I'm excited when we get to go out! There was a bit of drama when we left, but Steve "nipped it in the bud" so to speak. After that the night was calm and uneventful. Except for when I hit my head on my window trying to see...that's a sight you have to see in person to truly cherish! haha

I do have a funny story from this morning to share. This just shows you how 4 year olds think!
Me: Titan do you want some breakfast?
Titan: No, I'm not hungry.
Me: Okay, you can eat in a little bit.
Jaxson: I was not hungry one was a long time ago.
I busted out laughing. It was like Jax was traumatized by the "one day" he wasn't hungry. His face was priceless. He looked so sad when he said it.

On another note...I have a button now!! YAY! It took me about 30 minutes to get it figured out yesterday. But any who grab it and put it on your blog, if you have one, if not then get freakin' blog! LOL

Last, but not least, here is a picture of me and Den last night...before we ate so much we were sick!

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  1. Carri ~ You are doing great with your blog! I am just a computer idiot and can't figure out how to do anything... pictures - I can't move them where I want and then I don't like my layout... anyway, we have been wanting to eat at Wicks,we have a friend who swears by it =)


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