Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Day in the Life of Me

My days are usually pretty routine with a little comedy along the way. Here is how my day went today....
Wake up at 6:30 because that's when my "loaner kids" get here, Titan and Liddy. Titan passed out on the couch...cartoons do wonders...Liddy took her morning bottle. Then she puked about 2oz up on my shoulder. Great start:) After we all get up and get going, because we go back to sleep after that bottle, the boys got dressed for preschool. It was wear red day for Dr. Seuss' birthday..they looked cute!

After they were off to school us girls come home for naps. Laney always wants to stay awake. She says she's not tired, but then almost falls asleep on the way home. I took this picture today before she layed down...she's a cheeser:)
Then this is when my day got entertaining...well at least it will be for you guys! Liddy was taking a bottle and began to poop (yes I'm already discussing poop). Well she isn't a conservative pooper so to speak. Lets just say I get REALLY nervous every time she starts grunting! Here's why.....
Seriously, how can one little girl poop that much!!!! I can't ever stay mad at her for long because she's so cute!So once she was cleaned up are day returned to boring and monotonous. I'm sure tomorrow will be an adventure too. The next day is always better than the last, right?

On another note (I told you I wonder) Liddy had the cutest shoes today....I wonder if they make them in my size?

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  1. Carri,
    What beautiful kids you have and those "loaner" children are gorgeous too!! But I am a little prejudice! Loved reading about their (and your!) day. Thanks for sharing!


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