Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Small Project

I'm addicted to these decorating blogs. They give me so many ideas..unfortunately I don't have enough room for them all! I saw this on a blog a few months ago and decided to give it a try. (I can't remember which one exactly, so if it was yours here's your credit! LOL) It's really easy and CHEAP!! I'm all about that!
The Chalkboard Window
First find one of those "old" windows. I bought my at a yard sale for $4.00. I'm sure I could of used one of the 10 I have already hanging in my house, but I wanted one without the panes in it.

Next, tape off the glass part.

I bought the spray paint chalkboard paint, but you can also get it in "normal" paint. I just thought the spray paint would be easier on this small of a project.

And it's "fast dry" which is a plus for an impatient person like me!!

Next, you just spray away!!

Denny went back over again. Using the "proper" spray paint technique, so the streaks are gone in the finished window. And without further ado here it is..............

I "primed" it by rubbing chalk over the entire board first. Once that is done just wipe it off. That's why it's darker in one spot, it was still wet (told you I was impatient!). I hung it in our kitchen, so some days it may show the menu or some cute saying...who knows the possibilities are endless!! Hope you enjoyed this little project. I hope to post more as I do them.

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