Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, I Think We Have A Stunk!

This morning when I walked into the living room there was a slight "stunk" (that's what Jax calls them, and refuses to be corrected!) smell. I didn't think much of it because sometimes I can smell them in the mornings where they have been roaming around outside in the night. Well, when Kelly opened up the door, to drop off the kids, the smell was STRONG! I thought it sprayed one of the cars or something. Well to my surprise it didn't do did way more damage! I noticed something out of the corner of my eye while hanging clothes on the line (which I was SUPER excited to be doing..hello spring!), and it was black! So of course I freaked out, luckily it was just this...
But then I got to thinking. Why is the thing that hooks to our gutter (to drain water away) laying out like that. So I decided to investigate. I investigated from afar because the "stunk" smell was stronger over there! This is what I found....
Almost the entire thing was pulled up out of the ground. I was all "what the hell happen." Then I figured it out. Because we haven't buried the end of the hose (even though we have lived here almost 3 years) can see it here sticking out into the yard..

I think the "stunk" crawled up in there and got stuck. After thinking he was being attacked he sprayed. And oh boy did he spray! I guess he freaked, and while trying to get out he pulled it out of the ground and off the gutter. That's the only thing I can figure anyways! We haven't looked to see if it's still stuck in there. To be completely honest we are both too scared! I thought about sending Titan over to look, but then thought Kelly might get mad when he reeked! (Just kidding!) We've decided to have my father-in-law come over. He will do ANYTHING! So as of now we may or may not have a "stunk".


  1. You know, I know a guy that used to kill skunks for fun....

  2. If he gets sprayed he is staying at your house! It was a little strong this morning!


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