Friday, March 5, 2010

A Typical Day

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Today at Kelly's Korner is show us a typical day for here we go (this is a day when I do not go to work, those days change at 4:45. I leave and Den takes over:)):
6:30-wake up..Titan and Liddy arrive
7:00-give Liddy her morning bottle, Titan goes back to sleep on the couch
7:15-Liddy and I go back to sleep
8:30-Jax and Laney get up...usually Titan and Liddy shortly follow
8:45-eat breakfast..the ever so nutritional poptarts and cereal (if they're lucky I give them donuts)
9:00-kids get dressed
9:30-I exercise...about have a heart attack.. kids play
10:00-feed Liddy another are still playing
10:15-take shower and get myself dressed..guess are still playing!
10:30-Liddy takes her "power nap"
11:00-Liddy wakes up
11-12:00-everyone plays, including the world of blogs!
12:00-fix lunch for the kids and myself
!2-12:30 eat lunch (hopefully)
12:30-Emery arrives (only on Mondays and Wednesdays)...Liddy takes bottle and lays down for her nap...I start to do my chores :(
1:30-Laney lays down for her nap, other kids either play quietly in Jax' room or watch a movie
2:30-Liddy is up
3:30 Laney is up...snack time for everyone and clean up time (they can spread toys out like no other)
4:00-Pick up time...Titan and Liddy's dad shows up followed my Emery's mom
5:00-fix supper
6:00-clean up the mess I've made
6:00-8:00-relax with kids or watch TV
8:00-bath time and bed time snack
9:00-kids go to bed...peaceful!
9:00-11:00-watch TV with hubby and relax
11:00-BED TIME!!!!
Only to start all over the next day!!

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