Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Events

It's been a week full of Easter events at our household. The boys had their Easter party at preschool. I would love to show you pictures of it, but being the great mom that I am, I forgot my camera! Oops :( Thursday we dyed eggs, and the painted with the leftover dye. I think they enjoyed that more than they did the eggs! The Easter bunny came to our house Friday instead of Sunday because I had to work this weekend. And besides the kids are little they don't know the difference anyway. I could tell them in July that it's Easter and they would go along with it! They seemed to love all their gifts the bunny left, so that's a plus! Today we went to an egg hunt. The kids had a good time once they got going. Jax of course whined at first because that's what he always does. It's his personality! He is also TERRIFIED of the Easter Bunny costume. He wanted to leave when it started walking in our direction. I don't know why he has this fear, but it's a BIG one!! Here are a few pics of the week......

The hunt....

The Williams'

The Coleman's

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  1. You know what is sad, I think that is the first picture of all four of us! I should of had you get one with us looking!


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