Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

Okay, so I skipped last week.  Oops!  Mainly because I forgot to take pictures of my outfits (or they weren't worth taking pictures of!)  This week I didn't do much better.  I've started my new schedule at work, plus we went to the local fair a couple nights.  Anyway, these pictures are a combination of the last two weeks.  I'm not putting the days, or what I did, because I can't remember! HA!

Tank: Old Navy
Skirt- Old Navy
Flip Flops- Old Navy (can't see them or I don't even have them on!)

Shirt- Wal-Mart
Shorts- Hollister
(you can probably guess what I did on this day)

Shirt-Kentuck Korner (random store in mall)
Capri's- Old Navy

Bikini Top- Victoria's Secret Pink
Sunglasses- Ralph Lauren
(this is how I am dressed every weekend, that's why you never see these pics! I. Love. The. Lake.)

Tank- Target
Boyfriend Jeans- American Eagle
Sandals- Wal-Mart

So I forgot to take a picture with it on, but at least I took the picture!
Pink Tank- Target
Black Tank- Old Navy
Leggings- Wal-Mart

Shorts- Wal-Mart

So there you have it, my random mix of outfits.  And just so you know I swear I do actually own stuff that's not from Target, Old Navy or Wal-Mart!  For some reason that's just what I wear alot of!!  I will try to do better this week...maybe actually get out of the comfy clothes!

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  1. The pink and black outfit is cute. :)

  2. I love love love the boyfriend jeans and you seriously got those shorts at Wal-Mart! I have been looking for some! Recently?

  3. Cute outfits. You can do cute and comfy! :)

    Did you tie your bikini on the side?


  4. M.O.T.B. to answer you I got the shorts just about a month ago. They are Miley Cyrus. And here is the best part $10.00!!! Cheap and it!

    Justine-I do tie by bikini's on the side. It keeps them from getting loose. It seems like if I tie them in the back I am re-tying it every 5 minutes!

  5. The shorts did NOT look cute on me:) Oh well, at least they look great on you!


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