Saturday, January 1, 2011

What I Will Do

So today is the day.  The day were I'm suppose to list all the things I hope plan to accomplish in the new year.  It's kind of stressful I think.  Everyone asks "what's your resolution?"  What if I don't really have any resolutions?  I mean yeah I have some stuff I want to do, but it's crap that I have needed wanted to do the past 29 years of my life (ok maybe not that many, but you get the point!).  I probably don't need to wait til new years to do them.  I should of started most of them forever ago, and KEPT UP with them.  That's the kicker.  Everyone sets these high standards of resolutions, only to set themselves up for failure.  That's just my opinion anyway.  So anyway here's my list of "to do's" for the year....lets cross our fingers and hope for the best!! Oh, and my list may seem piddly, but like I said why set myself up for failure!   I'm listing things that I am sure I can actually accomplish if I don't turn into a lazy slob of a person.

1.  Wash my face EVERY NIGHT before bed.  I don't know why this is so hard for me!  I do good for about 1 day a week, then I quit.  I know it's bad for my skin, and supposedly ages you more, but I still snooze in my mascara. 

2.  Make beds EVERY DAY.  Once again, not that hard!  The only times our bed get made is when the sheets are changed or if company is coming.  I just never really see the point in making it.  I mean you're just going to sleep in it again later.  However, I do love when they are made just because of the "neatness" it makes in the room.   Really I would only have to make 2 of our 3.  Jax is pretty good at making his now days.  Granted it's not done to my OCD standards, but its done!  Plus it teaches him some responsibility.

3. Date night with the husband.  Some people have them once a week, well that's not feasible for us (see #6).  I'm shooting for once a month.  No kids, just me and him doing whatever our little hearts desire.

4. No more paper towels.  We go through them like there is no tomorrow.  Actually if we keep it up there may not be a tomorrow for our Earth.  Okay that may be a little exaggerated!  I've already ordered some cloth napkins from Etsy, and they should be here this week.  I haven't broke these news to Den yet, he will probably crap himself!

5.  Recycle!  I have no excuse other than total laziness as to why I don't recycle.  I will do it though!!  I'm going to purchase containers and set them up in the garage.  I'm sure by doing this our trash will be cut in half. (sad I know)

6.  SAVE, SAVE, SAVE.  We save fairly well, but need to start hitting it harder.  We started Dave Ramsey 2 years ago today, and let me just say that man is my hero!  (how infomercial was that)  He has simple, easy steps that have helped us to pay off all our debt except our home, and lake house.  The lake house was a late buy, but was worth it because we have such a fun time as a family there!

7.  Set up a cleaning schedule.  It's no secret that I have a touch of OCD, but I would still like some order to my madness.  I HATE doing baseboards and windows, so they only get done for spring cleaning.  I want to change this to about once a month.  I figure if I do a couple rooms a week it shouldn't be too bad, right?

8. 30 Day Shred. (had to throw in some exercise stuff, I mean it is new years resolutions!)  Oh Jillian how I love to hate her!  I started doing the workout last year.  I was a trooper and did it for about 4 months, then summer came and I got lazy.  But I will start it again!  I felt so much better when she was making me look like a pansy.  And trust me you WILL feel like a pansy if you do this workout!  My muscles are quivering just typing about it!

So there you have it my list of "to do's" for the year, or hopefully for life!  What are your guys resolutions?  I'd be welcome to pointers on mine :)


  1. you need to get Jillian's yoga dvd. it's great! still hard but in a different way. makes you feel really toned!!


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