Thursday, March 17, 2011

Batter Up

The weather was gorgeous today, so the kids were sent out to play give me peace and quiet!  I was surprised when I saw this flash of orange out my front door.  The boys ALWAYS play "demo cars" in the Little Tikes cars, but today they practiced!  That's what they said they were doing anyway.  T-Ball starts in a few weeks, so I guess they thought they needed to be prepared.  This is Jax's first year, so he's pumped!!  Titan played last year, so he's already a pro :)

Not sure why Titan is throwing left handed, since he's a righty!  I didn't even notice til Denny looked at the pics!

I'm excited for the games to start.  I haven't been to a t-ball games in forever, so I'm excited for the entertainment! Seeing 4/5 year olds run around like lunatics...that's my kind of fun!!

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  1. Hi Carri!
    Cute pics of some fun baseball time outside. :)


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